When all’s said and done all we ever truly want is to feel loved.

But all too often, our experiences of love can be far from fruitful and at worst can be so hurtful that we become scared to love again

Or we end up going from users, to abusers and losers. Slowly our self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing take a nosedive. The next thing you know, it’s a struggle to get out of bed - it’s duvet day to duvet day and boxset binges. You go off sick from work, visit the Doctors to get a sick note, they tell you you’re depressed or anxious and the next thing you know you’re being offered medication. How did life come to this? How did loving someone take you down so low? What the hell is going on? If the above speaks to you, then Feel Loved has been designed with you in mind. I too have been there and I totally get it. Love can hurt, especially when we don’t understand what's going on. So many of us don’t ‘get it’ because we were never taught the skills and/or were exposed to unhealthy relationship models. This puts us at a significant disadvantage when we entered the relationship world. Feel Loved will help.

Learning Outcomes

The aim of the Feel Loved course is to...

  • Develop self-awareness and insights to make different choices.
  • Identify unhelpful patterns and themes in your life.
  • Understand your romantic hooks/pulls and how unhelpful they can be.
  • Redistribute your energy to focus on what you can change.
  • Identify red flags and learn how to react to them.
  • Course curriculum

      1. Welcome to Feel Loved

      2. What qualifies me?

      3. Let's get started...

      1. Let's talk about visualisation

      2. The 3 benefits of visualisation

      1. Meet your Inner Critic

      2. The 3 benefits of embracing your Inner Critic

      3. Meet your Inner Care Bear

      4. The 3 benefits of embracing your Inner Care Bear

      1. The Hook & The Deal Breaker

      2. Benefits of understanding your hooks

      1. Do you go with your head or your heart?

      2. Benefits of knowing if you go with your head or your heart

      1. Boarders, boundaries and intimate relationships

      2. 3 benefits of putting boundaries in place

    What you need to know...

    • £97.00
    • 22 lessons
    • 1 hour of video content
    • Workbooks, transcripts and audio for all classes
    • Work at your own pace
    • Run by well respected psychotherapist, Keeley Taverner

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    Psychotherapist. Empath & Narcissist Expert. Wellbeing Consultant. Author. Group Facilitator. Supervisor. Speaker.​

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