It's not just 3 days....

The 3-day challenge is just the start of it, throughout the month of June each week there’s 1 theme with 7 videos to inspire, encourage and educate.

All of which will be available to access on our online learning platform!

  • Week 1: Why I specialise in Narcissism: The wounded healer

  • Week 2: Tell-tell signs to look out for

  • Week 3: Books, films and series

  • Week 4: Victory stories: would you like to share your story?

I'll be with you every step of the way....

You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions, get feedback on your personal dilemmas and I'll be sharing my story.

Understand narcissism and see how it manifests

Learn where to go for support and how I can help you

How to apply your learning in the real world